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AR Solutions Services

We offer sound, solid advice and support through the following services.

Credit Control Outsourcing

In today´s austere economic climate businesses know the value and peace of mind of good cash flow. More businesses fail today not due to loss making but simple because they run out of cash.
Access to the normal lines of credit is virtually impossible for many SME’s which places huge emphasis on having regular and fast access to cash which is tied up in the debtors ledger. By outsourcing your credit control function to our professional and highly motivated team you will ensure that your invoices are quickly converted to cash leaving you to concentrate on other aspects of the business and giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that you can pay your wages and bills as they fall due from your own resources.
Some of the advantages include:

  • Getting paid on time
  • Reduction in Bad Debts
  • The ability to plan your cash flow more accurately
  • A fully experienced and professional member of our staff with a proven track record in cash collection will enable you maximise your profit and cash
  • Minimises your operating costs through staff saving and overhead costs
  • Access to a proven system of cash collection with the emphasis on maintaining good relationships with your debtors

All matters are treated in the strictest confidence and control of your debtors ledger remains with you at all times. We will keep you informed and updated on all issues relating to your customer through constant reporting and support.

Collection of Overdues (Pre - Legal)

A professional and dynamic service offered on a "No collection - No fee" basis….Whether commercial or consumer we will endeavour to collect your delinquent debts in a fast and cost effective manner for you.

  • We get paid only on our results so motivation is not a problem for us
  • We do not charge "File opening" fees, annual subscriptions or prepaid vouchers
  • We ask the debtor to pay you directly
  • Our aim is to rehabilitate your slow paying customers not to drive them away
  • Control of your Debtors Ledger always remains with you, the customer

Debt Negotiation

For the problematic or more urgent cases a more mature and experienced mediation service is offered.

  • With over 25 years senior management experience our trained negotiators have proved successful where other methods have failed
  • We will report back to you with a qualified professional opinion


Our considerable experience and involvement in the IICM education programmes means that we can provide you with the most up to-date in-house or off-site Credit Control/Credit Management training.


Our pre legal service includes a fast and efficient cycle of phone calls and dunning letters. For the non-compliant or more urgent overdues if necessary we can escalate them to our panel of Solicitors specialising in Debt Recovery. If required we will manage all stages of the legal process on your behalf, keeping you informed and consulted at all times.  


We will draft, review or update if necessary all aspects of your credit policy and procedures. We can provide you with a complete professional evaluation of your Debtors Ledger - identify any weaknesses and recommend improvements where necessary.

Payroll Outsourcing for SME Business

AR Solutions offer your business a fast, efficient choice for managing your payroll process by IPASS qualified personnel.
Services include:-

  • Employee & company payroll setup & maintenance
  • Preparation of weekly, fortnightly, monthly or other frequency payrolls
  • Payslips - posted and/or emailed (password protected)
  • Payroll reports ( Control summary, Gross to Net, Cost control summary etc.)
  • End of month returns P30's, P45's
  • End of year returns P35, P60's, Universal Social Charge certificates


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